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One of the greatest challenges of Human Resources Management is finding the appropriate Training & Development programmes that will perfectly align the workforce with the organizational goals and objectives. Recent researches and experiences clearly show that the gap between organizational objectives and performance of the workforce is as a result lack of Training and/or Developmental programmes that are effective.

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Many organizations nominate their workforce for open training and development programmes that do not directly correlate with the specific objective of the organization but the general business objectives that are merely based on textbook assumptions.

This is why many training programmes do not yield much impart on the workforce with respect to the organizational objectives even after the rigour of Training Needs Analysis. Therefore, we, in Greenville Consulting have taken it upon ourselves to initiate a solution to bridge the obvious gap through the development of The Compass.

The Compass is a Masterpiece Professional Guide into achieving your organizational goals and objectives through Purpose Driven Training and Development Master Plan. All forms of Staff/Workforce Development programmes ought to trail the path purpose and planning, especially Training and Development.

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Over the years, I have observed how the HR Managers and Learning & Development Managers often leave the matters of Workforce Training in the hands of training vendors, subordinates or circumstances. In many cases, members of staff are given the freedom to choose the training of their choices. These approaches have not been effective. We have streamlined our ideal of Purpose Driven Training to 10 aspects that we believe this will be something worthwhile for HRs, HRMs, HRBPs, Talent Managers and of course, L&D Managers. With these, we will help you to restructure and reorganize your Trainings for all round uplift, upturn and upscale of your organizational essence. You will discover and begin deploy the unlimited powers and potentials in a well integrated and well executed Purpose Driven Training Development. On-boarding Training Skill Set Training Training for Contingencies Training for Emergencies Strategic Training Trainings to Update Training to Train Others Statutory Training Customized Trainings Off-Boarding Training STRATEGIC - Strategically inclined towards core job functions SKILL SET - It is about maximizing the skill sets for the workforce SYNERGY - It is aimed at creating synergy in the organization SYSTEM - We are creating an elaborate Training Systems SERVICE - Geared towards the delivery of premium services/processes SUSTAINABLE – Excellent Training Culture will be established SIMULTANEOUS - Takes on the Teams and Teams Managers SAVINGS – Very cost effective. Besides, a meticulous training budget can be optimized for maximum results. More is achieved with less. Appropriate Training for each staff Strategic monitoring and evaluation of Training and Development Reduction in Workforce turnover, Conflicts, Issues Enhanced Performance; Maximized Potentials Positive shift in Organizational culture, processes and enterprise Organizational Harmony; Official Symphony Cost Reduction; Doing more with less Excellent Talent Management System Other Hybrid and Customized Developmental Programmes Continuous Assessment; Continuous Improvement

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